office :
845 West Fulton Market,
60607, Chicago,
Telephone: 3124204160

timeXchange is the Web 2.0 time capture and reporting platform for everyone.

Our unique platform approach allows small and large businesses alike to easily manage their whole time reporting process AND do business with each other. We can even help you export your collected reports to HR, Accounting and other important business applications.

No ordinary timesheet application can do everything we offer. It’s a whole new way of thinking about how your business should be doing human capital reporting by employees and outside service providers.

Sign up for your free account today and you can build a reporting team in less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy to make the timesheet process, as you know it, obsolete.

my opinion :
this sound’s usefull 🙂 and it’s FREE, it can be used for project management in a small web design company. so worth to try! I want to try too :p but not for today….
>_< so sleepy and need some rest. I got typhoid fever 😦 hiks.
Just want to get well soon…………..
gudnite for now.

fan sign off….


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