>A new adventure

>hmm…..just don’t believe tomorrow i will going to my new office.
Time goes by so fast.

Well actually I really love my old job and all of my friends there. it’s so fun working in Taktis Media…But i just knew God doesn’t want me to work there for now.. And all of my friends also my parent say it’s not good to work with your loved ones, because when we have problem in business it’s also interfere your relationship. I agree with that.. So instead of arguing and just be an undecisive person, I decide to take this opportunity to learn working in a REAL WORLD. I think it’ll be something more challenging in my life, and meanwhile I can learn about making big business :).

Tomorrow I’ll begin my journey.. hope it will be fun, i promise i will work hard and learn a lot of things, build networking, friends, and also build my future. I want to buy a car, a house, and also want to savings some money for my future wedding party ^.^v. I want to be a success young business woman so when i have kids, i can be a role model to them…

Funny thing is I forgot the company name :p i just knew it’s a 3G company. and I love telco company ^^; that’s the only reason I decide to take this job. I even don’t know what is my position yet. May be in IT division or something.. Hope i can get along with other staff there, and work well. (even today i’m catching a cold… hiks)

Life is a journey……………….
Hope everything goes well tomorrow. I’ll tell a story about my new company later ^_^


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