>i lost 1 friend..

well my company name is ” IRON ROAD” 🙂
can’t tell more but.. today i just heard my college best friend Arvin has died of heart attack this evening at his office. 😦 shocking !!!

First i don’t believe it, then after asking other friend .. it’s true.
It happen so fast and i just met him last week in church. Now he’s gone, but I know he go to heaven…
feel so sad and weird …
he’s still so young, and recently just graduated and enjoy his first working experience. About Arvin, he’s a good friend, and also a good kid 🙂 as I know him, he don’t smoke, dilligent, and active going to church, loves his girlfriend and so faithful to her. Why he left us so fast???? 😦

It feel like yesterday i just met him at college and hanging around together, and then i graduate first and not meet him anymore. And I just heard that he has graduate……..but now I still don’t believe that he has died. But hey, he’s going to heaven now..

I can’t go to see him at Rumah Duka… 😦 it’s too late at night and mom will not let me go by taxi. Well just want to say good bye to him……………………………………….so long my friend..Hope you will be happy there and….. you are a very good friend, thanks for being my friend………thanks for any help that you give to me at college….

Anyway here is a good article about heart attack tips.

sad moments..


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