>God is so good!

>God is absolutely so good ! It’s so amazing and true story. Yesterday i went to church, and there Mr.Niko (our pastor) said that we should give God the best we have. If we sow the seed with tears, then you will harvesting so much, and go home with joy.

Psalm 126:5
King James Bible
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

In this time of crisis, i’ve been struggling from financial crisis too. my family now isn’t in a healthy financial. We don’t even know where to going from here. It will be easy to give god so much when we have so much……but it’s gonna be tough to give when we are in need. But in that time, i feel like Jesus said to me that he want to prove me something.

Ok then I do really want to give but when i open my purse the biggest amount is Rp.20.000,- well i bought a yoghurt in yogenfreeze last yesterday ^^. Well I just do what God wants. I give that 20.000.. And said to God.. God.. I’m sorry I only have this small amount but I want to give it to You. It’s just so weird that I feel like Jesus said to me okay the next day something will happen and you will see that it’s gonna multiply like 10x times..

OMG, Today it’s just happen. God is REAL!!! And He is so GOOD!! Really. This morning I just check on my email and just want to delete the SPAM mail. But…..i found… 1 email.. said she asking about my slimming product i sell it on Multiply. Wow I haven’t receive an email from a buyer from a long time ago. Well She just asking about product. So I just reply her.

Suddenly, I receive SMS that she want to pay the product. >>>> She buy 1 pack Blue Gel Slimming (I sell it in http://juicycola.multiply.com). The price of the product is Rp.200.000 !! It’s 2000×10 times multiply !!!

Praise God!
I just can’t stop think about it, but God is so REAL for me. Jesus is REAL. And what he has done to me is so amazing! I just can’t stop thinking about that!! I want to share it to the world with this article.

You know what, God is there for you! If you have financial crisis, hey don’t stop giving!!! God likes people who put a TRUST in him…



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