>He understand (Dia Mengerti)

When i hear this songs, i know even that i have problems in my life….
Just believe..
God understands our problem and what we have been through.

Today maybe i still don’t know where to go, where to stay….
So much problem lately.
People are getting angry, mad, sad, dissapointed so easily.
Me too. But when i hear this songs. Now I know.. God is always love us, even when we dont have anything.. I’m sorry God for being too demanding, and always argue with you, always asking something, and if I dont get it, I will mad at you and blame you for all of our problem…

We are a sinner, yet You still come for us and give us Your life for us.
Jesus thank you for everything, bad or good.
Because I know that You never leave me alone and always beside me…
Help me facing this problem together. And if I have You I think everything will be allright.

Enjoy this song,
“Dia Mengerti” by Delon and superkids


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