>Commonly Used American Slang

>Found an interesting website here :
basically .. well.. you can learn english there
that’s it
well i update this blog because a friend of mine.. want me to update my blog..

Actually I don’t know what to write >_< I don't have any topic..

my life recently was kinda boring actually.
I’m just trying to be more happy each day.

I think today I want to go out with mom n dad.. and enjoy this weekend together .

Btw lucas are going back to Malang ..
I wish him a good luck and never stop trying to do the best in everything. Even we’re not a couple anymore…
but we spent a lot of time together back then…
I think..
life must go on !!

I wish him to be success and happy!!! Just be happy and enjoy all we have now…
(we never know when they will go away from our lives.. )

I hope i will get my own way too…I still don’t know where am I going tough..

just walk step by step now..
and hopefully i will find my prince to accompany me in this journey..




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