>going to bali and spent my money >.<


I’m getting leave for 2 days from my office. Thanks to my boss who let me. I won’t going so long because I have to get back to work in Monday, and still have to finish many things.

I’ll be in Bali from today till Saturday morning! since the ticket price went up for sunday !

So excited that finally I will meet my school mates again! Gonna have fun together ! and have a little reunion with friends in elementary school… Yey!!

Will post some stories here after I get back!
Can’t wait to see Bali Safari n Marine Park , eating balinese food such as :

Babi Guling

Look yummy..
i forgot what it’s taste like…………

Going to Jimbaran to eat some good seafood…. or maybe play watersports at benoa.. buy some oleh oleh for my office friend in jakarta.

Hope it will be a very good and interesting journey!
And also a safe and calm flight! ^^

I will flight with !

For all of you in Bali.. hope we can meet!!!!!!!
Now I have to pack my things first and go to the airport…



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