>bali vacation 25 -28 Nov 2009

>25 nov 2009

Depart from Jkt *terminal 3* using air asia , terminal 3 is the newest building in Soekarno Hatta airport..

Arrive at Bali at 16.00, sunny day.
Meet thea… with her “shorty Papua hair” and tan skin…..

The first thing on my head is “TIRAMISU !!!” ..so we headed to “Bali Bakery”

That was the best tiramisu in my life (overrated ^^)
After the tiramisu is gone 😦 (miss that tiramisu…) ,we went to fitri’s office in SUNSET ROAD (btw the streetname in indonesian language is sunset road too! what a cool name…… we dont have english street name in jakarta as i know.. or do we have ??! ) and after we get there we take “a lot” of photos… yep.. a..lot….so funny since I haven’t met fitri for more than 4 years!!!! but her looks is still the same??!?!

Fitri is my goodfriend in highschool, we sit together in class 😀 and her nick name was “konyong” (LOL).

Okay then after that we went to KUTA beach!!! (discovery shopping mall).. and merry was practicing on her ‘semi-SLR camera’ ..

she wants to be an amateur photographer ^^; I guess..
And we take some photos in the beach..
The beach is great, I see the sunset and it was great…… feel great, like im coming home ^^. I grow up in Bali so that’s why im feelin that way.

These are some of the photos we take while we are on the beach…

Okay now the dinner part!
We went to Jimbaran !!!!! 🙂 the famous place of seafood… yeah! I love fish …… we met my parents and then we have our dinner together, we ate so much !!
and it was delicious… the fish, the squid and kangkung!! (what is the english for kangkung anyway…)

okay the next day is to be continued ^^ since this gonna be a long story… (it involve 1 more person … ) ^^;


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