>bali vacation 25 -28 Nov 2009 (day 2)

Okay here is the 2nd day of bali vacation.

26 November 2009
Sunny day (this is kinda weird, when I’m in bali, the weather is always sunny and very hot…)

Place to go : Bali Safari & Marine park!

So today, 1 more person joined our journey to taman safari “where legends await” –> yeah right.. (what a weird slogan they have, ).

The team member is : Fanny, Marry, Thea, + Steven (also my highschool buddy). Since Dewa, Ayu n Fitri cannot join us, so it’s only the 4 of us. So, we went in the morning, and since Steven is the only male in our group, he voluntarily (and supposed to) be the driver ! ^^

Well now we are here!!!! and I was very excited even my friend Thea always said that this park is not as good as it told…(based on other person opinion, since she never going there herself)..
But I still want to go .. 🙂

After we arrived, we have to buy the ticket first, and they give us a “paper wrist-band”, that can be scanned…

I forget the actual price that day, but as a local tourist it’s more cheaper .. just bring IDR 100.000 its enough..
And of course we got a free map ^_^

We have to wait for the bus…

Btw the officer locked us inside the bus, kinda cool like in Jurrasic Park movie ^^

1 minutes later.. The bus stopped. 😦 and we just realized that the bus is only deliver us from the main entrance to the lobby, so dissapointed.. T___T (“penonton kecewaaaaaa”)

Inside the lobby there are several aquariums, one is with piranha…. I’ve seen piranha in seaworld btw, so it’s not a big thing for me ^^. But we take a photo and then we start exploring the park.

the first creature that we see is leopard.. but he/she’s sleeping on a branch of tree..


and there’s an event “elephant bathing”

but its not the biggest elephant in taman safari, there’s another big elephant..yep i mean.. BIG.. (statue)

Thea captured us in this photo.. don’t ask why she take this photo from a far away distance ..what a weird way of taking photographs ?? LOL.

The park have a miniature komodo national park.

and here is the komodo !!!!! it looks small in this photo but actually it’s very big and wild! this komodo eat chickens,..and sometimes human…..so you can’t keep it as a pet.

and here’s the “strange signs” in the park.. wear pants and shoes??! watch for snakes……………………………………………

after that, we found that there’s another bus in the park. We get in and then the ‘real tour’ started!

there are a lots of photos of animals.. but strangely almost all of them were sleeping that day!
I think maybe they are sedated !??!?! we see lion, bufallo, etc….all of them sleeping……………..

Well enough of this safari journey (tired of uploading photos ^^), since our stomach start to growling.. then we go ahead to find Nasi Ayam Kadewatan…… the journey took so long .. ugh..
Finally we arrived… we are completely starving !!!!!! and almost fainted….

The food was so delicious…… if you have a chance to visit Bali, search for Nasi Ayam Kadewatan, its cheap .. the food price is about Rp. 10.000.- Rp. 20.000,- /person..

Finished eating, we go ahead to find Nuri’s famous pork ribs restaurant in Ubud to eat again! haha.. this is how the pork ribs cooked.. and the result …. yummy !!!!

and the best part is –> Big portion!

We ordered 2 pork ribs, and since merry doesn’t want to eat pork…cause of”vege” reason (altough she eat Ma Ling –> canned pork ?!? and pizza…..haha) she ordered vanilla pancake.

We think we cannot have some more food.. so we decided to go seeing Tanah Lot Sunset.. the view is awesome!!! we take some photos there too and i buy some souvenirs for my friends at office in jkt.

The next part 27 nov–> uluwatu n little elementary school friend reunion 🙂

to be continued


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