>bali vacation 25 -28 Nov 2009 (day 3) finish


First of all,
happy new year!

As i promised this is the day 3 of my holiday..
(last year)..
sorry im too lazy to do blogging in the holiday season (LOL)

On the third day of my vacation in Bali,
we planned to go on water sports.. parasiling, waterskiing, stuff like that. but the weather was too hot !
and the water is too low so it just impossible for us to go..

Then we went to our highschool 🙂
the building looks different than 8 years ago… :)…………
looks like now they had bigger building, 4th floor..
it’s on renovation btw so we didnt get in ..

Going to nusa dua..But nothing cool there..we just going to the bathroom together.. (me, thea, merry)…. hahahaha .. After that we are so thirsty !!!! because of the very dry and sunny weather…
we decided to buy some drinks in KFC … i forgot the name but it kinda make my brain freezing but im feeling better :)..

The next destination is Uluwatu. some people said they had wonderfull view. .. but in my opinion:
the stairs–> TOO MUCH stairs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the monkey –> ripped of my bracelet.. –> THIEF monkey!

But yeah the view was good..
we take photos there..

Okay the adventure didnt stop here..
we go to “Impossible Beach” –> and it almost impossible to get there………………………
The idea comes when we see the sign “impossible beach this way” but when we went there.. it’s just so mysterious and we try to check on the GPS….and after a long way walking trough the forest and rocks
we arrived at IMPOSSIBLE BEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Btw i will update the photos tomorrow coz i want to go home now…

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