>Facebook Profile Box Showing No Content to Display

>To all those who may have suffered in the same way I have with regards to the new Facebook format:
Issue: When you set the FBML content for displaying content to the profile (specifically the Wall Tab), you get the following error:

No content to display error on Facebook Profile tab
Cause: The Facebook developer wiki suggests using the following format to accommodate the wide and narrow formats (for the Boxes) as well as a main FBML tag string for the profile box:
$fbml = "blah“;

$fbml .= “blah“;

$fbml_main = “This is the Wall tab profile data”;

$facebook->api_client->profile_setFBML(NULL, $user, $fbml, NULL, NULL, $fbml_main);

Fix: Use the setRefHandles instead, setting $ProfileContent and $ProfileContent2 respectively as you wish. (Get it in a txt file)
Just as a reminder, you use <fb:add-section-button section="profile" /> as a way to display the button so that people can add your box to their profile.
Add to Profile

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