>Trip to Singapore

>23 May 2010
Got a cheap airplane tickets , so I take this chance to explore singapore and also refreshing from workload at office that stressed me out. And also get my first VISA STAMP on my Brand new passport book ..It’s my first time going overseas myself. So now it was like mission accomplished πŸ™‚ haha..

Sunday, early morning i woke up at 04.30 and get ready to go to the airport. Im flying with Air Asia (promotion ticket zero price Yippie..). So it’s only cost me about 250 ribu rupiah. so cheap. :). I already change my currency to SGD, one day before. I bring 300 SGD. I also already book hotel near little india named “Hangout Hotel @mt emily”.

9.59 Im arrived at Changi International Airport Terminal 1… looks so neat n clean! Like this place.. but not so many people today because it still in the morning maybe people are going to church.

After pass the immigration  board, I’m looking for my friend. He supposed to meet me at changi.. so i text him. But…………oh no…… he woke up late >.< because of watching soccer match last night.. He told me to meet him at MRT so I dont have to wait at the airport so long. So I ask the information centre how to get to the MRT .. he told me to go to Terminal 2 via SkyTrain.

Got it ! now i just have to wait πŸ™‚ afterall singapore mainly use english so I can ask other people if im lost.

Took a picture inside the Skytrain to Terminal 2. In singapore everything looks Neat. no trash. Not like in indonesia. people just throw tissue, papper, etc on the floor. In Skytrain/MRT you’re not allowed to eat or drink. They will fined you a lot of money!

Arrived at Terminal 2. Just need to find out the MRT station…….. and see the Quick Massage spot πŸ™‚ 
10 SGD = RP 67000. All store here is designed very well. I think if I have kids and they want to be interior designer, I will send them to Singapore to study. haha…

Lets take a picture here πŸ™‚

Smile! You are now in Singapore! good bye indonesia hahaha…. (for 2 days only.. anyway.. sigh)

Okay now lets go find the MRT station… must be somewhere around here…………..

 Go downstair…

Documenting my self.. hahahaha …

The elevator is so high, and kinda run slightly fast than in Jakarta.. be carefull ……. and please keep LEFT. because someone might in a hurry and they will use the RIGHT side of elevator……

Buy a new EZ LINK prepaid card that can be used for Bus/MRT/Skytrain in the Ticket Office. Ask the person there……It cost 15 SGD. (included with 10 SGD Value) ….. 5 SGD is the card price.

If you don’t want to buy Ez link card.. you can buy one trip ticket . In this machine you can do refill your EZ Link card

10 SGD usually enough for 1 day trip. One trip using MRT is about 0.95 SGD. (Rp. 6000,- )

inside the MRT

@Singapore EXPO hall….

ARRIVED at Tanah Merah Station..If everything goes like plan, I should meet him here…………

The MRT…..
Tanah merah is in the RED LINE.

Everything in singapore move fast….. the MRT, the person, car…so different with Jakarta, in Jakarta going home from the airport take almost 1 hour in weekdays. And about 40 minutes in holiday. because of traffic jam.

In Singapore not so much people can afford a car. That way almost all people use MRT/ Bus/ Public Transportation. I guess it’s not a big problem, cause it’s more faster, cleaner and cheaper also. In here the crime rate is so low, so many CCTV everywhere ….well.. too much…

Finally he arrived..
Long time no see!  His name is Moo..its not his real name….but I call him Moo cause he looks like a moo…:p

He lives in Sg, and work there, get his master degree there, and he’s got the PR status..well pretty much he is a singaporean guy..

First place is IKEA. He told me the food was great. Lets check it out ….

We ordered Swedish Meatballs. Swedish food………………………hm………………..it makes me remember of my office. Because i work for Swedish company..
Swedish meatballs are pork meatballs with creamy sauce, potatoes, and strawberry jam.. It tastes unique..  I like the strawberry jam btw!!

The chicken wings is so-so….

Lets explore This IKEA mall.. it’s a furniture mall. And look..My boss name…
Fredrik …

Then we go to the next mall Anchor point where i just realized. that…… I lost my backpack….!!!!!!
But thanks God, the officer in Ikea save it for me….

Horrified moment………………………fiuh….. >.<

 Before we go upstair to the MRT , I want to try Singapore Ice Cream 1 SGD
I ordered Yam Ice cream, my friend ordered Chocolate cookies……….

Funny expression…


Last year or 2 years ago, i’ve dream to go abroad myself, and I did it now. so I guess if Jesus is with me, nothing is too hard to do.. and nothing is impossible.

After this we went to my hotel in Little India area, so I can check-in and put my backpack n stuff……. before we going to somewhere else and meet with other friend named Sri. πŸ™‚


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