>Nice february

It has been a long time not writing on my blog.
Today is still in the morning 12 Feb 2011 and it is Saturday! Yeay!
I always like saturday because I dont have to go to the office.. I like working, but I really dislike to drive 1.5 hour to reach my office due to the traffic jam……………. In Jakarta I always spent minimum 3 hours on the road on weekdays. Haha.. 

So.. how are you all people who read this blog. I hope you guys are fine too.
This year is now in the second month. 🙂 days go by so fast.

Recently my boss tell to me that i will have performance review on wednesday. Cool. To be honest I myself don’t really think that I’ve done spectacular performance during the 5 months I worked in my office. I’ve forget many things to do, I’ve told my manager to remind me.. I came late most of the time, I go earlier much of the time. hahahaha. But I’ve finished some projects, and I do it without grumpy. That’s the good side of me. I always finished what I started even I’m clumsy sometimes. 

I work as User Interface designer.. Anyway Did you know UI designer salary is so high in United States!!!!!
look at this chart! it’s yearly salary.. so its about $ 5500/month 😀 or in Indonesia it is almost Rp. 50.million/month. I think I will be rich if I work at US hahahahaha. But the price for living in US is high too.

Anyway in Indonesia.. my salary is not that high…….about 10% from the US salary. It’s still average like other programmer salary in Indonesia.. But I still hope there will be a raise in my salary. 🙂

This month, I will celebrate my Valentine with my sweetheart. Our relationship already 5 months now. And I love him more each day 🙂

Moments are important…
We cannot go back to the past and change them. It already happened. Whatever happen in the past, is build what you are now today. It is important to live day by day and do the best everyday.

I like that picture!! 
Live today with maximum effort. Never regret what happen yesterday, do what you can do today. God be with us always.


2 thoughts on “>Nice february

  1. Well, you should try to find a client from US. I’m UI/UX designer from indonesia too, most of my clients are from US and Europe. I’m working at home and get about 1000-2000 a month. Not too bad if you’re living in Indonesia.

    • Hello welcome to my blog 🙂 anyway how to find client from outside like US or Europe? do you have advice? thanks!

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