Tick Tock birthday is coming

Hooray.. About 30 minutes from now, i will turn 27.. What an age! 🙂 I’m real mature woman now hahahaha.

A year has just passed. And I’m now having better and considerably cool job, a nice boyfriend who will be my last 🙂 “hopefully” , and more wiser and smarter LOL.
I thank God because He made all of this comes true.

Once again my age is added. Thanks so much Jesus for taking care of me, my family, people that I love. I can never pay back what You have done for me. I’m really sorry if sometimes I still breaking the rules.. -.-” and being clumsy

At 27 .. This will be my wish.

  1.  A good health+ a good weight
  2. To be more feminime hehehe ✿
  3. To be engaged ♥
  4. To have my own successfull business
  5. A healthy family (mom n dad, bro, mochi, mocha, bugsy, hun & his family)
  6. Own a house for my family in jakarta
  7. A good girlfriend for my bro☺
  8. Hunny success with his eclairs shop! ♪♫

That’s it….now im gonna pray so they will become true amen..


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