Seven sins

Just read my friend’s blog n found an interesting quiz 🙂

well its about Seven Deadly Sins Quiz !

Suddenly I’m curious about my result, so i take it and here is the result

Greed: Medium
Gluttony: Very Low
Wrath: Low
Sloth: Medium
Envy: Low
Lust: Very Low
Pride: Medium

Discover Your Sins – Click Here


The biggest is Pride !!! LOL! am I that pride of myself?? Some people said to me that I need to improve my confident.. Hmm but pride is slightly different with confident. Maybe it’s because I often being so stubborn and don’t believe what other people said. And just believe in myself. Well that might be the factor of  being ‘pride’ hahahahaha.

Okayyy, then I will try my best to being a better person by hear other people opinion 🙂 yep!

want to try yourself? hehehehehehe


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