Harry Potter’s kids

Just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’s part 2 in 3D,  at last the chapter is completed!!!  I grow up with the stories and watch them since they are such a cute kid, then teenager,  and now they are all young adult 🙂 .

To be honest,  I personally don’t really like the movie theme… magic, wizard, etc. But this Harry Potter was a legend, almost every kids know the stories, the book..I’m too lazy to read the books so I choose to watch the movies :). The movie has a good ending and there are many great effect if you watch it in 3D.  And at the end of the story, Harry & Ginny has been married and having 3 kids. Here are the actors 🙂

 1. James Sirius potter ( actor : Will Dun) : on the center

2. Albus Severus Potter (Arthur Bowen) : left

3. Lily Luna Potter (Daphne de Beistegui) : right



Anyway I think Arthur Bowen looks likes Kim Hyun Jun in the movie Protect The Boss (korean drama) or hmm maybe it is just the hair….

… or maybe its only my thought 🙂

(too much watching korean drama? hahaha)








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