I’m resigning from my office now. It has been 1 year 4 months worked there. I surely will miss everything there, my friends, my tasks, my desk, my pc. But I have to.

I have been too tired because the job responsibility is always given more to me. I am a responsible person so I always trying the best to fulfill it on time. And the salary didn’t went up, well actually I got an offer in the last few days after asking so many times for my salary review. I still not think that it is worth it.

I’m just the only one designer in my team, it will be better if I have one more personnel to help me, but the boss declined. And I think the salary offer was too low it’s only (almost) 15% . I really hope it is more than 25% or at the most least 20% because in my last company (smaller company) I got 20% . So I was expecting more, and the company refuse. So I decided to resigning my position and finding a better company.

The problem is, as a UI designer, it is really hard to find a really good salary out there especially in Indonesia, where there’s so much fresh graduate willing to be underpaid by the company. Yes in our country the salary for IT savvy people were very low compare with Singapore, Malaysia, Australia.( I once think of working overseas though, and I got several interviews but when I think of my family, my fiance, I need to consider again)

In my country, there is some good opportunity here. Basically to start up business is not that hard. Selling something over the internet, opening a small shop, groceries, so many opportunity that you can get and if you lucky enough you can be make a good money, living good, have many staff, open new branches. But yes, ofcourse still need a venture to start something.

The last day I work there will be 6 January 2012.  And I really dunno where and what I gonna do next. I feel it is nice decision to quit because of overwork but it is also confusing me of where I am going next?!?!?!

I know God have planned a good future and I believe it. Some friends told me to try marketing/account manager position, since it can lead to managerial or management level comparing technical skill position. Looks like a better option than finding UI designer position with a good salary, when you know it didn’t lead anywhere even that you are being promoted. There is no “Senior UI designer” level or Design manager.

Hmmm since my money wasn’t enough to start up a company or business I think I will search for another opportunities, working in a better company. And while waiting .. enjoying my life,.. fix my body, diet, be more stylish, and yes be a freelancer to pay my car-loan.. >.< ugh! life is hard right!

Hope it will be bring a better thing for me! amen


hope for the best.



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