Found a new job

Finally got a new job in a new company 🙂 in FMCG industry. One of the biggest….

And this morning I just signed the contract. So starting 1 Februari I will work there as web developer…. (agaaiin…. for the..hundreds time , when I can be a manager??!?!? )  Btw that means I must finished my freelance project  more faster than what it is required. Help me God!!! hope i can do this!—-> need to finish 2 more templates! *with javascripting which is I don’t really like it……..

Hmm… in this new company I got 6 months probation time then becoming permanent staff. No penalty, no marriage prohibition, and pregnant prohibition, … and since I have planned to have my wedding this year it is a good offer, the salary is a little bit better than my last company even not so much. Oh and I need to take a picture 3×4 , copy of my SIM and stuff, reference letter from my last company. Hope I don’t forget about it.. >.<

Reason why I take this job is because it is nearer my house (I can save my petrol), it is a good company, and the last reason I need to save for my wedding need and future family.

Sorry other company! I know I have applied but I have signed the contract with this company , I’m not available anymore.


hope I can do and give my best



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