Story of this week

It has been a long time since I update this blog, and tomorrow is national holiday (Nyepi- Hindhu Balinese new year) , I decide to write what I have done this week  :

1. Doing my job as developer… yeah im becoming web dev again, 4 times? err.. or 5 times? But It’s okay I kind of used to it…… (to be honest i never satisfied with my result  i always think its not good enough , i should have done sometimes it is like never ending story of my job…. not to mention the deadline. >.< argh!)

2. Lapor SPT ,, report my yearly tax from my last year income. Im a good citizen 🙂

3. Finally got the church for our blessing ceremony .  God once again create miracles in our preparation , He sends many people to help us. Lucky to have them!!

Remember quotes “Everythings happen for a reason” ?

I just found out that 25 years ago when my uncle got married , I am his flower girl.  That is why when I ask him to become our witness in canonical investigation (one of catholic church regulation), they’re more than happy to help us.

So many people I’ve met willing to help us, so friendly and not just money-oriented. I thank God for them!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.– 1 Corinthians 13:13

Did you know that when we start our relationship, we never think that we will eventually get married. I accept him because he said that special “key”word that I’ve been praying for 2 years. At that day he simply said “Can I have a serious relationship with you?”  (the funny thing —> serious was the “key” word, he is just lucky! )

8-9-2010 We are in a relationship… I like him, he is nice (look like a nerdy guy at first), but he is sincere and honest. And after sometime, I really falling in love with him. I have friends that are richer, smarter, more good looking, but there’s something in him that I can’t find in other man. I enjoyed being with him! I never get bored, and I feel much better when he is around me, something that I couldn’t explain clearly, I like myself more when I’m with him. He wins my heart.

9-10- 2011 He kneel down and propose me…. i just speechless but i said yes I do 😀

so here I am… Yep I’m gonna be a wifey soon!

♡ pray for us ♡


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