June 2012

Oh wow its already June!! Im getting older and also this gonna be my last ‘single’ birthday. Next year it will be different because I already become a wife and having my own little family 🙂

I think I will not celebrate it the same way like I used to now. Waking up in my own room, praying to God say Thanks to Him and my wishes for this year, get a bday greetings from my parents and my brother.

Then he come to our house and pick me up, I prepare a nice outfit. He take me to some nice dinner, give me a lovely gift, kiss me, bring me home again 🙂 kiss me in the forehead saying goodnight.

Next year Im not living in this house anymore. I will live together with him in his house… quite a distance with here. Huahhh….

I will miss my room! Sometimes little messy and small bed but its cozy. I have so much plush to accompany me (ɔˆ▽ˆ)ɔ hehehe . A notebook to be a geeks and doing web projects also have fun planning my wedding, financial budget, browsing downloading videos music cute pic, facebook, typing documents, IM with my fiance.

I want to enjoy my last moment being single, 27, and still have a boyfriend hahahaha

After this im gonna be 28! 🙂 be a wifeyyyy, a mom to be hahahaha…


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