My 28th BirthDay

Been busy with our schedules and preparation for our wedding! But it feels so nice after I manage to finish the documents that needed for my wedding. It was such a boring task!!!

Last weekend was my 28 th birthday. That morning my moms asked me. “How old are you now?”, I replied “28”. Then she said “it is the time for having kids” LOL !!! Oh gosh momm… :p

But she was right, this year on this age I will become a wife. The best present from God is my fiance. Love him.

Remember when I was very worried about my prewedding session?  It turns out “not bad” in my opinion.  There are some pose in the night gown was bad LOL! Im not a model, I am too fat to be a model. But we got some nice photos!

Got presents from my twin Shanny : a red bear-eared jacket -.-” hahaha, cute like a kidzzz. Got a Guess shopping bag from my brother and his girlfriend (ok cool). Got a new pinky kicker wedges from my mom , got extra money to pay vendor from my dad. And a pink Alexandra Christie watch from my fiance (lovelyyyy). Not to mention the ice cream cakes, and birthday cupcakes!!

Soo much presentsss!! (O̷̴̷̴̯̐ .̮ O̷̴̷̴̯̐)

To celebrate my bday, me n my fiance having dinner in The Butcher, @ gandaria city. Its a steak restaurant. I ordered wagyu steak n sooo deliciouuss. It was my first time eat wagyu steak.

Well thats all!!
Next i will post some of the photossss of our prewedding. 🙂


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