Choosing Your Wedding Venue

There are so many beautiful places for wedding venue nowadays. This includes churches, beaches, chapel, hotel ballroom, building, restaurant or just simply at your own house.

When we plan our wedding, the first place we like is the chapel in Bali. I love chapel so do my fiance. But considering our relatives feels its too far away, in the end we choose hotel ballroom in our city. Thanks God that date still available in that venue .

Sometimes we didn’t make our dream wedding come true. But remember the most important thing is the celebration of a new family.  I think as long as we can gather families and friends and the wedding can be held nicely.

Tips For Choosing Your Special Day Venue :

1. Consider Your Guest Location Especially your Family

except you want a very intimate party please consider your guest location. Don’t pick “somewhere out of nowhere” place. Don’t forget to include a map in the invitation.

2. BE CREATIVE , Decorate it

some people choose very expensive venue , because it is super beautiful. Not all people that lucky, but you can still decorate 🙂 !! Be wise, even a rusty place can be decorate and become very nice place to held your special day.


Plan your wedding cost! Think of the total budget, you still need money for bridal, decoration, hand bouquet, prewedding pictures, honeymoon, and life as a newly wed couple. Many people forget to calculate “Total Budget” . If you think it will OVER BUDGET, forget it. You don’t have to pay so much and sacrifice your other budget. You still need to be beautiful and handsome 🙂 with a cool tux and gown.

Happy prepare!


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