Counting !!!! … :)

Hi all!
Our marriage only 14 days (2 weeks) from now!!! How do I feel. Well.. First I think wow I already this age? Hahaha.. Still on my mind waking up at the evening calling my friends and talking in the phone about sailor moon. Collecting ‘orange things’ and sunglasses, borrow manga! Going to the beach whenever I want (I grow up in Bali :p) … Chatting with people using MirC and ICQ.

Gosh! Times really flies and now here I am.. Soon to be a beautiful bride.

Secondly, I think I will miss my room, my mom, my bro. I will moved to my husband house and its kinda far from here about 1,5 hour or 2 hours distance. But i have to grown up! Be a wife 🙂 stand by my husband side.

Third.. I feel.. I am worrying about my financial condition —> LOL! I dont really got a “paid job” after our marriage. I decide to resign from my job since its to far away after I moved. But I have a plan to help developing husband’s little shop. Wish I can succeed!

Thats all…. :p Some people asked if I feel ‘dugum dugum’… Well. To be honest. No. I feel just go with it, no worries about the party. Im not a party lover, and I believe our vendors will perform their best. Some friends also asked if Im worried about our first night. LOL!!! Hmm.. But I dont feel anything about that, hahahaha.. I just think I loves him. And he loves me too. It will be nice moment :p hahaha hope sooo..

Things that I grateful is most of the preparation is done. Just need to diet!! Losing
Some weight will be great…. Hahaha.. It wont be easy but i still trying -.-” please pray for me. Time is sooooo fast..

Only 3 work days before my last day in my company. I feel sad but I feel relieved too. Hahahahah. I can focus on preparing my wedding + my new house.


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