story of my big day

10 nov 2012 is our big day. one day before it, I make a plan so Idont forget things, but somehow I still forgot it LOL!!! My brain = confused + excited + worry. I just can pray and hope that everything will be okay.

What i had missed?

  • contact lenses… i even decide to going back to home to pick my lens but didnt manage to find it??!?!!!
  • grapes.. our wedding party theme is a vineyard so we plan to buy grapes for decor details, so we can pick it from the wedding gate and eat the grape (coz it real fruit). Totally forgot about this. LOL
  • Invite some people n friends and make a reminder for all of our invitation to come tomorrow, upload the map location to facebook or somewhere else. I already create the graphic invitation, but just dont remember this stuff… sorry guyssssss maybe thats why on the day not so many people comes >.<
  • some other things

Well I guess not many we can do when the day has come. I can’t even taste the food that day, can’t really see how many people comes, can’t see all the decoration details! I totally lose my awareness to detailed things and can only concentrate on the most important thing, the wedding ceremony itself.

On the day, not so many people can come, because its a popular date, so some of our guests have to attend other wedding party, some of them even have to choose. The traffic was quite bad that day, and it also raining at the night. Anyhow even so the guests was not reaching our quota only 50% from our total invitation, the party still goes on. It feels like a private party instead. So I can be more relax and enjoy the party too. We do mingle a lot and talking to our friends.

The best performance on my day is our decor. I truly loves the decor, I never imagine that it will become like that, It is beyond my expectation. Great job tante Angela. Love your job!! Well its not perfect though she missed the “carpet” for the stage.. but its all right, it makes me smile a lot that day.

The band are great, jazzy acoustic, the food was delicious (this was I heard from our friends at the next day). Only our WO and MC not coordinating very well. The rundown was quite messed up. But thanks God overall its still acceptable 🙂

My make up was stunning, so many friends and family saying that I look so beautiful and asked me about the bridal. The gown was simple but elegant.

Have to say that the most favourite vendor was our instant photobooth. So many friends and family enjoys the photo session 🙂

My party rating was 4 / 5 stars!



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