Entering 14 weeks

Hi all, im now 14 weeks preggie and I can feel more energy now πŸ™‚ the nausea has decreased too. Thanks Jesus!! God is good . I need more nutrition for the baby πŸ™‚

I sometimes feel the baby is movin inside , weird feeling but its cute at the same time.

I called the baby Milky way now πŸ™‚ until we know the gender and search the name.

I missed my rabbits so much! Mochiiiiii Bugsyyy I love them and really really wants to see them again, touch them again .I dont know if it is allow to touch a rabbit during pregnancy because the fur and toxoplasmosis risk. But I wish soon I can see them πŸ™‚ and hope they are healthy and happy.

Anyway I decide to open a little shop named as my lovely rabbit name “Mochi Mochi” in June selling sanrio products such as hello kitty , kerropi , etc . I already bought some products from the supplier and now im a little broke here :,( sobs.. Lets hope it gonna be a success so I can have a good income from this business πŸ™‚ . This will be my first time officially going into trade business. I think its better than doing nothing and since life as career woman especially in my field (IT consultant/programmer ) wasn’t the best option when preggie >.<

Please wish me luck frenz!!! And goodluck for my best friends Vie for the upcoming wedding. I hope everything going okay yaaaaa i know u will be busy but I really hope to come and see u becoming a bride πŸ™‚ wkwkwk




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