17 weeks

Entering 17 weeks now.

The nausea gone… completely I guess, I can eat many food thanks God ! And I feel hungry most of the time πŸ™‚ Yeay!!! I passed the first “hard” trimester. Last week I went to Shabu Slim and only ate “Beef sukiyaki” meat for 1,5 hours LOL!!! I feel I am lazier when pregnant. Super lazy if I can say. I dont know why.

Usually on normal basis I cannot live without turning on computers, because of my job and also my hobby. But now it is so rare for me to find myself in front of the computer since pregnant.

After decide to quit job and focus on my little family first, I do miss my job, career, friends but I’m now getting used to it. Getting used of not working, trying to get rest as much as I can :). Sometimes I really want to go out, but just a while and I feel tired already. The acnes is not gone yet 😦 . I feel fatter now, maybe its better like this so the baby get enough nutrition. My backache is getting worse if I forgot to drink milk especially when I sleep at night , I think I should drink calcium supplements everyday starting today.

At June 2013 I will start my first own business, not a big one. Just selling cute accessories and sanrio’s products. Hopefully can earn some money for our baby. And at the same time I can focus on my child first. I don’t know yet if I will be back to office again. But lets focus on this first. Trying to be momtrepeneur :p

Today we will have our first 4D checkup. We will do this at Mitra kelapa gading. Lets hope n pray so everything is right on track, baby is good and healthy and normal πŸ™‚ + knowing if milky is a boy or a girl :p

Thank you God for everything I’ve been through! I love my milky! I love my little family.


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