Breastfeeding stories

My life changed completely when I saw her for the first time. I know that being a parent is not easy and full of challenges.

On the first day, I have problem with breastfeeding. People that come to see me in the hospital often say negative things such as I won’t be able to breastfeed. Even my mom and mother in law say that. And it doesn’t help at all. It just makes me feeling down and helpless. Sometimes I even cry because I can’t feed my baby.

I once read in article, that family support is essential for breastfeeding mother. It’s true! Because a happy mood can boost the milk supply production.

Several days gone, and my breast only produce colostrum which is the antibody and the most important substance for my baby. It is clear and not white like milk. I am happy at least I can give her antibody. But the milk is still not out yet and our family become worrier.

I feel so depressed and because of my mood is not right, I know I wont be able to breastfeed. The 3rd day we decide to use formula for my baby. I start thinking that, if it should be, than be it. Also it will be easier 🙂 LOL!

Until that night, my baby throw up all the milk formula. And she cried loudly. In my mind, she cried because she needs me…. I know that its too early for me to give up. I decide to try again to breastfeed my little baby!

Day 4 I’m eager to going home. In my mind as long as I’m in the hospital, my mood will gone bad because lack of support from family and the condition there. Lets go home, so I can be alone with my little gurl and have some bonding time first.

After arrived at home, I feel the warmth of my room, I like it a lot. I feel relaxed, and I can rest better. That night I try again breastfeed my baby. And for the first time my baby finally can drink my breastmilk! Thanks God!

It just like a miracle to me, and I am so relieved that I can feed my baby. Yes its not easy, and its hurt (because of wrong latch on). I have inverted nipple and cracked nipple, so it wont be easy.

Everytime I want to give up and just give her milk formula I remember that night, her eyes when she cried after throw up. I know I have to be stronger to be a mother.

So now, my baby is fat enough and she drinks a lot! She’s happy baby, she have chubby face.

Its truly not easy to breastfeed. But breastmilk is the best thing that mom can give to her baby.

Thanks God I am able to breastfeed her until now (2 months). Hopefully until she’s 6 months old!



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