breastfeeding tips

I want to share about breastfeeding and how I manage to breastfeed even though I have small boobs, split nipple on my left and inverted nipple on my right. Hopefully it can help other moms out there.

Well, until now I’ve breastfeed my baby girl for almost 3 months thx God 🙂
I hope I can give her at least for 6 months.

Here are my tips :

1. Believe that you can breastfeed your babies. And believe that God has provide breastmilk in your boobs and it is the best feed that babies can get more than formulas.

2. Dont give up too early if your breastmilk not enough, or too little. Remember supply and demand. Our body is designed perfectly so when brain thinks your boobs is empty but the baby needs more and keep latched, it will send information to produce more milk. So the more you give it to your babies, the more milk you will produce. It takes time though.

3. If the worse happen like the baby needs more but your boops didnt produce enough milk, you can use formulas. But keep on breastfeed ! Dont stop, formula is only for emergency use so use it wisely and only limited. Remember that breastmilk is the best and contains more vitamins for your babies than formulas.

4. I know sometimes we have hard time learning latch-on position and it hurts. But keep trying. Baby and mom should try different position and find the best position. Find lactation consultant if you need to consult about latch -on. Sometimes babies have “tongue-tie”, that makes her difficult to latch properly.

5. I find its not easy for my baby to latch on my inverted nipple than on my split one. But when she gets used to it, she never cries again and she is enjoying it. Babies is smart, they can learn fast.

6. Dont hear people that said negative comment about your boobs. Do not believe that small boobs can’t breastfeed. Search on google, and you will find many moms with small boobs still can breastfeed to her childrens. Motivate yourself.

7. Remember after the baby born sometimes it needs time before you can actually give her breastmilk. Keep on trying, so your baby can get colostrum! Its the best antibody that a baby can get!

8. Be happy and enjoy the process. Sometimes I feel sore and my nipples is very painful !! But nowadays there are nipple cream made from Lanolin etc. Use them wisely it will helps a lot…

9. At first months mom will find it is tiring to always wake up every 2 hours or so to breastfeed but you have to be patient. Your body will adapt soon.

10. Use maternity pillow ( U-shapped pillow) it helps me a lot!

11. Find breastfeeding supplements such as fenugreek, sacred tea for nursing mom, etc if you think your body need to produce more milk for ur babies. It does help.

12. Get enough sleep and rest and eat healthy to maintain your body fitness.

13. Be happy, happy mommy happy baby! Remember stress can decrease prolaktin hormones that needed to create breastmilk.

Thats all! keep on trying never stop giving your best for your precious one!


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