Happy birthday to my daddy

Okay when I was a kid dad is a family guy but time changes people and problems too. But he is still my dad. I wont forget all the good memories we had together especially when he taught me how to ride a bike. N how he always there for me and listen to me whenever mom and I have fight lol. Im a little naughty girl back then.

Anyway dad has a birthday yesterday and i dont know where he is. After i got married i live far from our home so i seldom see dad. N also he work in different city that makes communication bad, thats why mom and dad also not really living together now.

Sometimes i hope my dad just retired, live together with mom and getting old together, open a small kiosk for living, just a simple living ^^ n be a good grandpa..

Happy birthday dad! Wherever u r n whatever u do out there. I hope u stay healthy and hope you buy my mom a house in jkt cos she is getting old already…. n i worried about u guys not seeing each other like that is just sad

God bless you n i love u too take care!! Miss my old dad who always there for me


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