my little one bday

So I have been planning on my girl first birthday party lately. Well.. not really that busy.. Just find her birthday dress, and her cake, etc… And the most difficult part is finding her dress >.<

I am not a feminine girl and that is why finding her dress is difficult. First I want the birthday color theme yellow because her favorite color is yellow. So I am trying to find a cute yellow dress. And its not easy to find it.

I like hanbok ( korean traditional costume) and I bought one when she’s 6 months old. Thinking that it will be her birthday outfit. Some days ago I put the hanbok on her soooo cuteeeeee but it is too big for her 😦

so I’ve been looking for another dress…..

On the weekend we went to the malls and I saw this cute little pink dress with some sparkle. I love it and its on special price but still so expensive >.< ouchhh…. so I buy it without trying on her 😦 because she was sleeping.

Then at home I tried the dress on her, cute, and fit on her body…..

but she seems not comfy wearing it. I guess its the material….

Well I am not sure if she wear it on her birthday she can smile and be happy for 2 hours wearing that dress …. aah !

There is time until the end of the month I should find a comfy dress then.  I thought if I order handmade dress it must be more comfy for baby. So I order it, I think it is not so pretty like the little pink dress I bought, but its okay if it is more comfortable….. sadly they only have for 2 years old. I ask the seller about it, and she said its not too much difference with the size 1 only 2 cm difference. I decide to buy it. and when it come its big LOL !!!!

This “finding the perfect birthday dress for my girl ” is driving me crazy now… LOL

Hopefully I will find the one soon, because I already spent so much money >.<

susah yaaa ternyataa nyari baju buat acara ultah anak cewe.. (emak emak tomboy yang rempong banget gw )

Lebih susah daripada nyari tempat ulangtahun, ,mikirin bingkisan dan lain sebagainya……….



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