Taking a big step

I decide taking a big step to be a working mom once again.

yup working mom 🙂
Been so long thinking bout this but I just made this decision. After pregnancy I had stopped working and just stay at home. I think to myself at least until the baby born n she is 1 years old I will be stay-at-home mom.

well time flies.. and she is 1 years old now.
I pray to God asking Him what is the best for me and family. If I suppose to work again I hope I still have time for my family. I dont want to miss my daughter growing up. I start to apply.
Find a job for a stay at home mom is difficult.

applied to two company. personally wants the work from home but after interview, did some test, no news at all. Otherwise in my friends office, I got an offer.

I take the offer then. Lucky me i got a good bos he give me permission to work at home 2 days in a week. Thanks God.

November 2014 I will officialy be a working mom. hope I can work there for many years to come.

Thanks Jesus for this opportunity!!
Tuhan terima kasih uda menyiapkan pekerjaan bagiku dan mencukupi kebutuhan setiap hari keluargaku.
Bimbing kami selalu dalam tuntunanMu. Lindungi kami dalam naungan sayapMu.
semua untuk kemuliaan Tuhan


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