life with mertua

I want to share about living with mom in law. People said mertua sama mantu itu sering ga cocok. In my case our relationship are not that bad. But there are event that i wish not happen.

I know most of people find it very difficult and then they go separately because they couldn’t handle anymore. Well actually Im not *yet at that step. But sometimes think of it..

Like today.. I just write in fb that hubby got sick and found out that my MIL is not happy because her relatives contact her n *might be blame her n afraid of getting sick because yesterday we go to CNY dinner together.

Anyway the truth is yesterday my hubby haven’t got chicken pox yet. He just diagnosed today after lunch time after he got fever n I bring him to hospital to have checkup and blood test. I am afraid that it is something serious n can also transfer to our baby girl.

Im not happy at all to see the diagnose because it means hubby will need to be separated with our child like for a week or more. And also we have agenda too in CNY holiday to go to my parents house. But its all cancelled.

Despite the badnews and also grateful that he dont get denguefever / else, I share the news in facebook so at least my friends that have experience or work as doctor can give advice. And suddenly my MIL like write in big letter… *-* sigh.

I am quite sad about her response like that but I try to be cool. I DONt want to make a war or anything. when we got home, I tell my hubby to go in different room or at least not having skin contact with our little one. Because he still watching tv in the living room while my baby is still running all around too near him.

And there you go.. MIL said that its not gonna be contagious to baby. My reaction like *whattt.. of course its contagious..

then she replied that its better if baby girl also get. ?!!! Then I think so??? But its gonna be so hard on me and Im NOT wanting my hubby and then my baby sick!!

She said with quite a big sound that she also dont want the baby sick. Whattttt!! So weirdddd.. and then later after we have dinner,hubby said that his mom maybe angry with me because of what I write on fb.

Ohhhh and this is not happen only once. Its about what I write in fb and she is angry without knowing the fact about what Im sharing at all.. she just acted randomly and think that Im offensive to her.

Im feel so tired basically everytime she act like this. I WISH we can buy house on our own. But my hubby have promised to take care of parents n living with them on their old days. Have to admit that Im also grateful to have my in laws that helping so much took care of my baby when i go to work.

But this kind of problem really turn me down…

hope that everything is okay.
n hubby get well soon. Its not easy taking care of my baby when hubby is not around n helping,n baby keep wanting her daddy…

Hope God help us through this.


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