I am resigning from my job and once again be a full time mom LOL.
The date will be 1 october 2015. Still a long way to go because in my contract state 10 weeks notice.
normally 30 days notice right? so… still have to be patient.

Anyway i think it is a very good decision though is not easy to loose financial freedom, because the payment is quite good. But to stay work while my brain is too stressful is not right. I feel I don’t do anything right. One of my client is not easy to handle and bring me quite a stressful moment once thinking about it. Anyway since the job become harder and also my baby demand more attention, i decide to break … quit my job.
Yep.. focus on my little one.

She need to be potty trained, she almost 2 years old n not potty trained yet.. Well we don’t have much time to train her (she only with my maid everyday at home and they cannot train her) and btw today she got fever because of teething. so my brain once again cannot concentrate on the job.


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