Hi There!
Welcome to my personal blog, I just moved to wordpress from blogspot (fanshiro.blogspot.com) even there’s so much traffic there almost 47 unique visitor each day and google ads too.

But, in my new office they blocked blogspot. So I decide to move to wordpress so I can see and update my blog in the office (if i have time ).

The purpose for this blog is just for edutainment, sharing some stories, sharing my life, and also a documentary for beautiful pictures and interesting topic/song/article I’ve found in the internet.

A background about me I’m a girl, I lived in a very crowded city.. Jakarta. I work as web designer for more than 3 years… I wish I can open my own business soon since I start feel a bit bored with this website designing things. I like to collect cute animal pictures, catchy songs, fun articles.

Happy blog walking!!!


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